FAQ And Tips

Benefits of Lawn Sprinkler System

Having a beautiful lawn does not mean you have to spend hours upon hours working on it. With a professionally installed automatic sprinkler system from Sheridan Irrigation Inc., your lawn will become the envy of your neighborhood!

  • Install a sprinkler system to help keep your lawn and landscape attractive throughout the growing season.
  • An automatic sprinkler system will also help to conserve water. Your system will disperse just the right amount of water on your specified lawn and garden areas, so water is not wasted.
  • A professionally installed system is one of the best investments that you can add to your home’s value - just ask anyone who has a system. There is no easier or more cost-effective way to beautify your property, increase your home’s value, or save you a lot of time and money.
  • Don’t forget that it’s very important to have a professional irrigation contractor design, install, and maintain the proper system for your property.


Q. What type of damage could happen to my property during an install?
A. When installing an automatic sprinkler system, minimal damage will occur. We use specialized equipment for installing pipe into the ground with minimal impact. Soon after the system is installed, the sprinkler lines will hardly be visible. They will quickly disappear completely as your lawn grows.

Q. How will you know where my underground utilities are located?
A. As a professional installer, we contact DIGSAFE to locate any buried utilities on your property 72 hours before we start the installation. This is to protect you as the homeowner and us as the installers.

Q. What is a backflow prevent valve?
A. The purpose of a backflow prevent valve is to protect your drinking water from the possible contaminants from your lawn. Think of inflating a raft. You can blow air in, but the little rubber flap won’t let air escape. The backflow prevent valve works basically the same way. Water can feed your sprinkler system, but it cannot get back into your drinking water. Backflow prevent valves are required in Massachusetts.

Q. Who installs the backflow prevent valve?
A. We have several licensed plumbing contactors do the installation for us. They take care of any permits required. All of our plumbing contactors carry a comprehensive insurance policy to cover you as the customer.

Q. How do I prevent my system from running in the rain?
A. We install a rain sensor with every new sprinkler system. This device will deactivate your system during and after a rainfall. This will help conserve water and electricity to aid in going green.

Q. Does having an automatic sprinkler system really save time, money, and water?
A. Yes, you will not have to spend another minute dragging a hose or moving a sprinkler around your lawn. Your system will run at the most beneficial time of day and place the right amount of precipitation. Your new system will do all the watering for you, even when you’re away from home. The system will save you money over time, due to more efficient watering practices. To help conserve water, a professional contactor should design your system for your specific property, including implementing a rain sensor to aid in going green.

Q. How much maintenance is required for a sprinkler system?
A. Maintenance is important to ensure that the system continues to run smoothly and efficiently. The most important service is the fall shutdown. The water supply is shut off and compressed air evacuates the water from the lines and sprinkler heads. In the spring, we return to start the system back up and check all components to your system for any damage that may have happened during the winter months.

Q. Do you provide estimates?
A. Yes, all professional contractors should provide an estimate and a site evaluation, and meet with clients. Written estimates should include the product brand information on all components chosen for your property, as well as warranty, winterizing, and spring turn-on costs.

Q. Do you offer a warranty?
A. Yes, we offer a comprehensive warranty good for two to five years from the date of installation.

Q. Do you repair and service existing sprinkler systems?
A. Yes, we work on any and all systems.